😮 All 69 New Emojis for 2017

On June 20, The Unicode Consortium released version 10.0 of the Unicode Standard. The code points required for new emoji support are now considered final and stable to be included in updates from major vendors such as Apple, Google, Microsoft or Samsung.

With Emojipedia, I produced a video presentation of what the new emojis might look like when they’re added to mobile operating systems later this year. The all-new emojis, such as *Bearded Person* and T-Rex, add a wider range of emojis for all to enjoy. 

The designs seen here are from the Emojipedia Sample Image collection, demonstrating how these emojis might look when released. I kept the presentation close to the heart of the Emojipedia branding and boosted the walkthrough with an energetic pace.

Find the full-length video on YouTube ›

Emojis 2016 1
Emojipedia video
Takeout box, emoji
I love you hand sign, emoji
Flying saucer emoji

Joe Darnell

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