The Sport Wristband Color You Should Get

I like how Rene Ritchie at iMore describes the Apple Watch Sport wristband colors:

Since there's no silver in the sport collection, however, if you want something bright yet neutral, you'll want white.

If you want your Apple Watch sport band to be bold and auspicious, you want it to be blue.

If you want your Apple Watch sport band to be bright but fussy, colorful but natural, green is a great choice.

If you want your Apple Watch sport band to stand out from across the room, maybe across the street, you'll want to go with the power of pink.

If you want the blacked out look, you'll want the blacked out sport band.

He made several other brilliant remarks about colors from the perspective of different cultures. For instance, “In the west, reds are typically associated with danger and prohibition, but in the east red is the color of luck and good fortune.” These are details that designers have to think about for the people before their products, like these wristbands, come to market. “That's probably why Apple went with a more coral shade of pink for the Sport band.”

But it seems silly that we are thinking through the color options and weighing the pros and cons. I see something I like and dislike in all of the colors for the Sport wristbands besides the black one, and this is what leads to all of the fuss. The colorful ones feel like they’re artificially colored to mimic the taste some people have for artificial fruit flavors and artificial sweeteners. I want something more real.

I’d like it if the colors were more like these.

The black band will suit any occasion and any classification. Note that the Apple Watch Edition (the gold models) or the Apple Watch (the steel models) is available with a white or black Sport band, but not with a blue, green, or pink band. I think the reason is plain and simple, because no one takes the bright colors seriously. They aren’t elegant or mature, like the stylish watches are.

But I think that most people want an Apple Watch Sport because it’s the economical collection, yet they’re dissatisfied with the range of colors. Sure, some people like Apple’s green, but I know that I don’t and no one else I know likes it. My wife took one look at the Sport models with their kindergarten flare, and she made one of the worst derogatory remarks about the collection she could possible make — thanks to their colors.

Here’s what a (Product) Red wristband would look like.

And there’s not a (Product) Red wristband. Apple has a page dedicated to the red accessories. So, why not a red wristband? Sure beats coral pink. If there was one for the Apple Watch, It would probably be a fan favorite.

This leads to a great opportunity for third parties that want to sell us on their alternatives to Apple’s lineup. But I’ve not heard of third parties designing Apple Watch wristbands as of yet. Have you? We are accustom to the iPhones, iPods, and iPads that receive third party accessories on launch day. Already, there are a handful of craftsman that are selling pre-orders for watch docks. So, where are all of the wristbands?


Joe Darnell

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