Vessyl is a thermos that “automatically knows and tracks everything you drink.” If it works as advertised, I’ll order one. Yours truly, for Top Brew:

One evergreen topic for coffee drinkers is our health: our caloric intake, our caffeine intake, and the overarching impact that all our beverages have on us throughout the day. People want to know what they’re ingesting. For the latest in fitness tracking, Vessyl will keep record of what you’re consuming and how it squares with your dietary goals. Used the way it’s intended, you can better manage your weight, hydration, sugar, and caffeine intake. Check it out now, and pre-order the smart thermos, if that’s your style.

Check out the Top Brew links of note (all to do with coffee items of interest) and the Vessyl product video. It’s interesting.


Joe Darnell

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