What We Should Expect for USB-C

The USB-C port, the one and only for new MacBooks, seems to be about three ports too few. I think the next step for Apple’s lineup will be to update MacBook Pros to feature multiple USB-C ports, to give more people more options. Marques says as much at 3:09:

I certainly hope the USB-C standard is embraced. I had high hopes for Thunderbolt), which is going the way of the dodo, I suppose. I will like one connector to rule them all. Less is more, in more ways than one.

Which brings me to what frustrates me. USB-C is completely different from everything I’ve invested in, and the adapters are expensive. I was content with $30 adapters, but $80 adapters is pushing it. That’s the same price as some MagSafe power supplies.


Joe Darnell

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