TB 9: Can We Call It the Press Instead of the Plunger

This week on Top Brew, Eric and I discuss the AeroPress coffeemaker. It’s not as dull as it sounds. We actually had more to cover than we squeezed into this episode.

Real quick, I want to share why I like the AeroPress so much:

  • Even as a beginner, it’s easy to make great coffee drinks with an AeroPress.
  • The AeroPress practically cleans itself.
  • It doesn’t need much coffee grounds to make a bold cup of joe.
  • The drink will include some oils without gritty grounds sediment.
  • While the press looks quirky and unfamiliar, its fun to use and show off.
  • It’s a forgiving press. It’s hard to brew a bad cup of coffee with it.
  • It’s small, durable, and lightweight, so it makes sense to use the AeroPress while you travel.
  • The paper filters are reusable, if you want to save on paper. Some say you could use them till they fall apart. I’ve not tested that theory.
  • The coffee has an average of one-fifth the amount of higher pH than drip coffee, which means it’s considerably less acidic.

If you have heard about the AeroPress and you’re tempted to give it a shot, go for it. You’ll not be disappointed. Listen to this episode of the podcast for more details and my inverted method recipe.


Joe Darnell

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