Heavy Apple Watch Sport Bands

Rob Griffiths wrote a thorough spreadsheet that breaks down the specs for all of the starting Apple Watch models (as they were on March 9th). It’s a great chart that you should glance through, as it offers a great deal of clarity you won’t find reviewing the options on Apple’s site. It’s much easier to see all of the details in one place.

Rob made one very interesting discovery:

Color adds weight: in the Watch Sport category, the bands’ weight varies by color. Black is 37g, then pink (42g), green (43g), blue (44g) and white (47g). So somewhat oddly, to go light, go with black.

Practically no one will notice the difference, but that’s 10 grams between the lightest and the heaviest bands. For comparison, it takes 17 grams of ground coffee beans to brew 4 fluid oz. of coffee in an AeroPress. Completely unrelated, but that was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard this about the wrist bands. 10 grams is not a lot as a unit of weight, but it’s unexpected that the color of the fluoroelastomer makes such a difference.

Something else I found on Apple’s site is that Apple Watch Sport models come with two wrist bands. Why two? The obvious answer is that they wear out faster than the device itself. But the steel watches only come with one wrist band.

Update: It occurs to me that the two bands with each Sport watch could also be in two sizes to offer a better fit for people with narrow and large wrists.


Joe Darnell

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