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After Apple’s event last Monday, several friends on Twitter commented that Apple had shown a lot of videos and less than the usual talking heads. Apple has always unveiled product commercials at their press events, but this time there were more. We saw behind-the-scenes of Apple forging their watches from gold, steel, and alumin(i)um. We even have a video about Christy Turlington Burns: an activist that’s simply using the Apple Watch. She’s not an Apple product or an Apple employee, yet she had a video prominently featured at the Spring Forward event and on

Graham Spencer at Macstories made these observations:

In fact it’s kind of crazy to remind yourself that these are just product videos, because some of them are truly beautiful and intricate pieces of art. That’s particularly true of the Apple Watch videos which focus on refinement process of the core material from the three collections: aluminum (Apple Watch Sport), stainless steel (Apple Watch) and gold (Apple Watch Edition).

The videos covered so much ‘screen time’ that Graham asked the question why is Apple showing more video content. I think all of his reasons are good reasons. Apple’s executive team acknowledges a picture is worth a thousands words, so a video is worth about 30,000 words a second. The videos show you people using the Apple products in real world settings they couldn’t on stage. The videos show you behind-the-scenes in the industrial manufacturing facilities where breathtaking product construction is taking place. Even though he’s uninterested in talking in front of large live audiences, Jony Ive will narrate a video. His voice might be reason enough for some of the videos to be produced and publicized, because he’s that likable.

I don’t think Apple can go wrong with videos of their caliber. Without further ado, I present to you my favorites from their latest event. I’ve watched all of these more than twice.

The Watch Reimagined

This is one of those Apple product music video montages.

Apple Watch + Christy Turlington Burns

Some don’t appreciate what Christy is doing with her life, or how the watch fits into it. I think it makes perfect sense and it’s inspiring. I'm impressed that Apple gives her blog prominent placement on their site.

Apple Watch Steel 

The music is like that of a space opera because some of the visuals are out of this world. It also helps create a better understanding and appreciation for the materials of the steel watch collection.

The MacBook Reveal

It’s all about Apple design and engineering at its best. You might not like the specs or the limited ports, but the product is gorgeous, and besides the missing features, some of the new features are very exciting.

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