The World Needs a Great Coffee Podcast

Something I've been thinking about lately are podcasts. For more than the last year, I have worked for/with a local coffee roaster. With coffee on my mind, I felt inclined I check iTunes for coffee podcasts. I wanted something to listen to about coffee while I work, brew, and go about my graphic design projects. And what I found doesn’t look good. There wasn’t a single coffee show that I liked.

Coffee casts are not tapped. Sure, there have been many attempts, like:

It’s difficult to pick and choose coffee related podcasts to reference. Most of them are outdated. Those that fall into the "old and forgotten" category have been cancelled by their show creators. Besides these, other coffee shows look amateurish; they lack enough credibility to be worth mentioning. And the rest that turn up in iTunes and a Google search with "coffee" in the results do not have to do with coffee. Shows like:

The one promising show that I thought was worth giving a try is called I Brew My Own Coffee, but this is a newer show. If the trend is an indicator, it stands a small chance of success.

Coffee isn’t an industry, like say technology, where everyone and their friend named John wants his own podcast and network. So…that’s it. There is one prospective coffee podcast, and if it isn’t what I’m looking for — stuff that is interestingly told in a coffee talk show — then I’ve come to the end of the road.

Why is it that creative people haven’t tapped coffee’s potential? Most people with a podcatcher drink coffee, I dare say. Even if you aren’t fanatical about how you make yours, there is a good chance that a well-made show with entertaining hosts would hold your attention and give you much to enjoy. Have I just found a market waiting for the right producers?

Maybe some creative people lack inspiration for a sustainable show. Maybe the people that have thought about it, and those who have tried, concluded, “Coffee is coffee. We can’t get past episode three. There just isn’t enough to say about…coffee.”

This is basically what happens to many ideas for podcasts. The show creators are inspired and excited to get started, then quit around episode 3. They discover that podcasting, while it is an engaging medium with a low point of entry, is a lot of work. Or they hit a "podcasters block," where they cannot find enough content that is worth discussing.

But if there is anything I learned from The Pen Addict, it is that you can produce a great show about anything and it should thrive for a long time. Somebody out there is interested in your niche, especially when it is discussed from the heart — from people that love what you love. Coffee is one of those topics that deserves that kind of emphasis.

Therefore, I guess now is the time to announce that one of my side hustles is a new coffee podcast and site. This has been a huge understaking and a real treat. We are close to launching. I hope to cover a wide range of topics that all pertain to coffee, like:

  • Brewing tips
  • Roast profiles
  • Cupping notes
  • Home brewing
  • Coffee on the road
  • Flavor enhancements
  • Cream and/or sugar

And much, much more. I think that in due time, we have as much to discuss on our show and site as anyone does about Apple, productivity, or Marvel movies. People like coffee and consume coffee in an incredibly wide variety of ways.

The podcast and site will officially launch Thursday, January 15. Look here and on my Twitter stream for the newest updates.

And if you want to introduce a topic for the show, write us a tweet with #asktopbrew included. Thanks!

Joe Darnell

Joe is a UI and graphic designer with prior experience as the creative director for three media-based businesses. Joe’s passionate about web design and graphic design with about 15 years of experience in the media industry. Additionally, Joe is the host of the Top Brew and Techtonic podasts, both featured on iTunes.