Apps and Games for New iOS Devices

The Verge Staff have written a list of apps that they recommend for new iPhone and iPad users. The assortment is good, if not leaning towards the popular and established app titles, like:

Overall, theirs is a good list. Not perfect, but good. Apps like VSCO Cam have pushed the envelope in mobile photography — more than the likes of Instagram. FLIC is a great discovery: The app gives you a quick method to review and delete the pictures in your camera roll that need to be purged. One of my complaints about Photos app is how tedious it is to manage. FLIC should help, so I’m going to test drive it this weekend (a good time to, what with the more than usual number of holiday photos occupying my phone’s storage).

Another list you should check out while you are stocking your new device is Six Color’s list of top games. No iOS device should be without at least two or three. Their list includes:

Please don’t compare the length of the list of games to the length of the list of other sorts of apps from The Verge. You might have the impression that it is much easier to waste time on the iPhone and iPad than it is to get things done. Of course that’s not true. These lists demonstrate something else: We gamers like more variety. for instance, if you have one to-do list app like Wunderlist, you probably won’t additionally use others like OmniFocus 2. But if you have one game, like Crossy Road, you can always enjoy many others games that have nothing to do with animals crossing roads.

I don’t have as much time for frivolity like this as I would like. If I had more, I would try all of these games out to see where the merits of iOS gaming are at the end of 2014. We are so beyond Angry Birds at this point, and yet "classics" for iOS are emerging: the tried and true games that have resonated with players for years. Games often introduce new design concepts that can be implimented in other apps and vice versa. The category is very important to iOS development, in spite of what critics may say.

One game I want to add to the list is N.O.V.A. 3: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance. It is essentially Halo for iOS. This series proved to me the potential iPads have with first person shooters. Multiplayer is where it’s at. Though it doesn’t have complex and feature-rich gameplay like Xbox games, N.O.V.A. is well worth $6.99 for the entertainment you get.

Joe Darnell

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