What I’m Listening To

I’ve changed about half of the shows I frequently listen to in the last season. The new additions are promising. The shows that are newer to me I’ve marked with an asterisk.

I listen while driving, cooking, cleaning, exercising, and shopping. Sometimes I skip an episode that disinterests me. At one time or other, just about all of the shows have disappointed me once and have been skipped. There just isn’t such a thing as a perfect podcast.

But for all the thousands of listening hours (yes, I believe by now that I’ve listened to thousands) they are by far and away the best medium for digesting content. I prefer podcasts over articles and the like. I have more time for them, because I can multi-task while I listen. It’s just about the only way I can handle multi-tasking.

*99% Invisible
Only heard about this podcast two months ago. It’s really entertaining for listeners interested in the arts and design. Listen

Accidental Tech Podcast
Most people assume that if you are fascinated with Apple geek culture, you will enjoy this show. In all honesty, I don't enjoy the content as much as I enjoy listening to the three guys: Marco, Casey, and John. They're the right mix of intelligent, quirky, and frank. Listen

Myke and Casey have casual conversations as friends. They explore the meaning of their feelings, specifically the the feelings that concern their tech lifestyle choices. Listen

*Anxious Machine
Robert McGinley Myers is smart. I’ve read his blog and enjoyed his videos for some time. He covers topics like anxiety, technology, and “scary things.” All his things are thought-through and content-rich. Listen

*The Art of Manliness
I know what you might be thinking, and it’s probably not why I’m giving this show a try. Brett McKay is making great creative content. As well as he puts the interviews together for his show, I can’t resist tuning in. Some episodes I’ve skipped; when I wasn’t interested in the topics. Listen

Back to Work
I like my weekly dose of Merlin Mann (and Dan Benjamin). Listen

Four tech topics in 30 minutes. I listen for the snarky humor, mostly. Listen

And more snarky humor… only with different people. Stephen, Myke, and Federico talk about their use cases from the heart, but with a critical eye. And yet, they seem interested in making the world a better place — not just listing likes and dislikes for the sake of making yet another tech podcast. Listen

*The Critical Path
Just started listening to this one. It’s very dry, but incredibly informative. If I can stomach the analytics and the numbers, I might learn something. Listen

These developers always have interesting professional anecdotes to tell. Listen

*Dorm Room Tycoon
I recently heard about this one for the first time. The idea is it’s interviews with “the world’s most influential innovators.” Gave it a listen yesterday, and it. Was. Impressive. I thought I would be disappointed. I was not. Listen

Earlier this year, Quit helped me in a real way. The topics were timely, as I was beginning my exodus from the full-time job I’d held for seven years. Quit/Grit helped me stay sane in uncharted career adventures. Listen

CMD+Space is one of the reasons I listen to podcasts in the first place. Not very long ago, it was rebooted as Inquisitive. I give most every episode a listen — since the beginning of the series to the present. It’s about work, tech, culture, lifestyle, business ventures, workflows… all the good stuff. Listen

Mac Power Users
David and Katie are the reasons I wanted to host a podcast of my own. They are an example to us all! They produce some of the most informative information for advanced Apple geeks. I love their labor of love. Listen

This WNYC radio show that doubles as a podcast is the most well produced, but the content is hit or miss. Jad and Robert pick topics that pertain to science, culture, and the great unknown from week-to-week and try to make sense of them through the art of storytelling. Usually entertaining and informative, but sometimes under-baked or misinformation, if you ask me. Listen

Reel World Theology
My friend, Fizz, and his wide array of guests discuss movies from week-to-week in light of their impact on and reflection of culture. Great minds think alike. Fizz’s mind burns bright (uh, whatever that means...). Listen

An old co-worker and friend said, “You’ve got to listen to this,” so I am. So far, so good, but its one of those podcast I wish I had listened to from the very beginning. You shouldn’t miss one episode if you’re going to give it a listen. Listen

The Talk Show with John Gruber
Confession: I don’t have many graphic T-shirts. I have one for Daring Fireball, and I’ve considered purchasing another that I can wear while the other one is in the wash. Listen

Tech Douchebags
This show is different. The conceit just works. The Twelve Steps are uncannily reflective of… admittedly, well, my own… ahemListen

Jason Snell is like the "fun size" version of Macworld. Only, Macworld is practically dead to me, but Jason is not. Six Colors, Jason, Myke… I love their show. One of these days they’ll even review the Kindle Voyage. Listen

Just subscribed to this one. Going to give it a first-time listen today. Listen

The Weekly Briefly
Shawn is one of those creatives that while very unassuming and laid back (like some say I am) he accomplishes much and inspires his listeners in the, well, details. His is a motivational devotional for creatives, as it were. Listen

You Are Not So Smart
I listen to David McRaney because he’s clever, intelligent, and full of heart — reasons that I like several of the other podcasters. But David’s is unique, in that he views culture through a lens of academia and modern psychology. I don’t always agree with the views held by psychologists at large, but David’s show is great fun to digest. Listen

If I had more time, I would listen to more shows. As it stands, I’m usually about a week behind the current episode crop — that’s just the way it happens from week-to-week with my routines.

And I’ve got shows to produce of my own! MovieByte is 111 episodes old and going strong (that’s insane) and I’m still in the process of rebooting Movieology, which will be seeing a soft launch in a few days. Check out the new site, which is full of archive content. Lots more is on the way.

Joe Darnell

Joe is a UI and graphic designer with prior experience as the creative director for three media-based businesses. Joe’s passionate about web design and graphic design with about 15 years of experience in the media industry. Additionally, Joe is the host of the Top Brew and Techtonic podasts, both featured on iTunes.