The Alfred App Versus Competitors’

When asked what their strategy is to make the Alfred app competitive with others, like Quicksilver, Vero Pepperrell said this:

There has never been a strategy to "compete" in our mind; our objective is to create an app that is truly useful, stable and always-evolving, regardless of who else is in the market. By staying focused on creating a great product full of useful features, rather than playing a game of tit-for-tat with a competitor, I think we've built a better product and have a happier community of users.

This issue about competitiveness has always intrigued me. Professionals that have their focus on their "enemies" lose sight of their customers and their product’s quality. At least, this is what I typically notice.

People motivated by competition often have a sourness about them. In the long run, it focuses their energy on the bottom dollar. If they dwell on their shortcomings they evetually resent the market itself, and they flaunt an undeserved self-respect if they are too aware of their success.


Joe Darnell

Joe is a UI and graphic designer with prior experience as the creative director for three media-based businesses. Joe’s passionate about web design and graphic design with about 15 years of experience in the media industry. Additionally, Joe is the host of the Top Brew and Techtonic podasts, both featured on iTunes.