Prohibido Coffee Labels

I’ve spent a good deal of time this year studying the design of coffee products. I became the full time designer for Thrasher Coffee Co in January, when the startup team just began roasting and choosing their processes for shipping their goods. It was the first time anyone on the team had professionally approached coffee, so it was a great challenge.

In my research far and wide on the Internet, I found great amounts of inspiration for the Thrasher identity from other designers’ work on Dribbble and Behance. Along the way, I’ve discovered some real gems. So, since this is a designer’s blog, I think that its high time I share my favorites with you.

Pupila Estudio is responsible for this one: Prohibido coffee bags. I don’t know much else besides their stunning design work. In addition to the coffee product, they have the Intel and Playboy logos in their portfolio.

The coffee labeling speaks for its own excellence. I’ve always been a fan of ink and engraved art. This example reminds me of the sort of doodles students make in their notepads, but it expresses a great deal of refinement and technique that’s constrained to depicting the scene on the bag with clarity.

It tells a good story: illustrating the central characters (Adam, Eve, and even the serpent) with the slightest hint of color drawing attention to the beverage’s vessel. I’ve not grown tired of studying the nooks and crevices of this sketch. The great photos at Behance show off the contrasting light and dark packages.

One only hopes the product is as fresh and appealing as the designers’ creation.

Click here, on the post title, or the image at the top to check out the coffee bag’s gallery of photos on Behance.


Joe Darnell

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