The Scarecrow Project: Curating Every Movie

The Scarecrow Project is a video rental store that’s turning into a non-profit backed by a Kickstarter campaign. Their video library comes in many non-digital formats, in the effort to carrying virtually every movie available in the world.

With the explosion of home video in the 1980’s came the birth of the direct-to-video industry. Countless direct-to-video films have never been released as16mm or 35mm prints. Thousands of these films never made the jump to DVD, and continue to be overlooked during the digital migration. Scarecrow keeps these nearly lost classics alive and available to viewers. Funds from this Kickstarter will allow us to continue to preserve these titles, while actively expanding our collection by actively seeking out other titles available in physical media that have been deemed to have a historical or cultural value.

The conflict between digital and hard copy media continues. I wonder if, at the least, digital film curation will offer better solutions for present and future films. Organizations like The Film Foundation have their doubts.

(Via Christina Warren)


Joe Darnell

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