Intel Versus ARM

Stephen Hackett is a detail-oriented Mac historian, of sorts. He collects the older Apple machines and studies Apple’s product development through the years. You should read his latest post highlighting the use of Intel chips and ARM chips.

His new opinion piece is a comparison of Intel processors and Apple’s ARM processors. ARM is used in iPads and other i-devices. Intel’s chips are used in Macs. This may come as a surprise to some people even now—after all these years—because Apple is historically known to be the odd company that builds all of their hardware and software. People also like to think that Apple is the underdog, but they haven’t been for years as their success is overwhelmingly high, thanks to the iPhone. Apple is now a top dog.

Back to Stephen, you should read his piece for some insights into the future of processors in Apple computers. The bottom line is that Intel offers a better power to performance balance than Apple’s own ARM chips can.


Joe Darnell

Joe is a UI and graphic designer with prior experience as the creative director for three media-based businesses. Joe’s passionate about web design and graphic design with about 15 years of experience in the media industry. Additionally, Joe is the host of the Top Brew and Techtonic podasts, both featured on iTunes.