MovieByte Episode #100: Is This Real Life?

For episode #100 of the MovieByte podcast, TJ, Fizz and I review Guardians of the Galaxy (read TJ’s review). If you haven’t seen this film, make a point to. You don’t have to see it in theater, but I think the film deserves to be seen on a big screen. However, don’t watch it with the kids before previewing it, because it has some content the conscientious parent will dislike.

And there were other grandiose parts of this episode to get to before our movie discussion. At the top of this podcast, TJ took us down MovieByte memory lane. We discussed our journey over the last two years—99 episodes—and TJ played varied clips from past episodes of our special awkward humor.

Additionally discussed in this episode: news that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has moved the release date, a video essay of Snow Piercer, Martin Scorsese’s defense of Kodak film, and Marvel movie’s Easter eggs.


Joe Darnell

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