It is a Nightmare of a Train Wreck

This week on TJ’s show (MovieByte): Clark, Fizz, TJ and I discuss our thoughts of Joon-ho Bong’s dark sci-fi thriller, Snowpiercer. Chris Evans stars in this absurd-yet-well-crafted film about the human race on the edge of extinction. The last survivors on the frozen planet earth (during a second Ice Age) ride a bullet train that laps the planet once a year. The lower class revolts against the upper class once they have had enough of the demoralizing living conditions in the back of the train.…

It’s not very often that I feel I would have been better off if I’d not seen the film in review whatsoever. It’s even more rare to find a film I hated that Clark Douglas loved. Fizz and TJ were in the middle on this film. Our diverging opinions made for an unusual discussion, to say the least. 


Joe Darnell

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