Significant Projects for the Rest of 2014

To those that wonder why I’ve not updated this site daily, as of late, it’s because I’m really excited to be working on a few summer projects. Work/work balance is the toughest: knowing how much attention to give to many great active projects that you have all at once.

Here’s how I want to proceed with the rest of 2014.

The Return of the MovieByte-er

I’m returning to The MovieByte Podcast, which I started in the summer of 2012 with TJ Draper. This podcast is fun-filled with movie news and reviews of new releases. TJ has kept the lights on in the studio for MovieByte’s podcast since the beginning, and I have to acknowledge he’s produced many great episodes over the show run.

I am back as a regular host, along with TJ and my original replacement, Chad Hopkins.

The Return of the Movieology-ist

What I’m really excited to announce is that, unless a tidal wave comes through my neighborhood and takes all my computer-y possessions away, I’m rebooting the Movieology podcast.

The Movieology web show was a real passion of mine. I cared about that production with all my heart. When we needed to put it on hiatus in January of 2012, I was sorely disappointed. Movieology watchers had only good things to say, and they followed up with many requests for its quick return.

Since the day we iced Movieology, I’ve seen interest for it steadily grow. New subscribers trickle in at YouTube each week. Even though that web show hasn’t seen a new release since January 2, 2012, people are subscribing! That’s an important sign: Movieology is meeting a need even during its lengthy intermission.

The “pilot” episodes of the Movieology podcast have been a clear indicator of listeners’ interest as well. The first 8 episodes have a good number of listens each. Considering we didn’t publicize the podcast, and that we erratically released those 8 episodes over the course of a year, I would say that the response is highly favorable. People want to hear our discussion of worldviews in movies.

We have all positive feedback for the podcast, in spite of it’s idiosyncrasies. Just take a listen to the beginning of the first seven episodes of the Movieology podcast and you’ll know what I’m referrring to.

I purposefully made some production choices to test the listeners’ tolerance for casual silliness. My “tests” on our audience weren’t crazy or diabolical, like something Facebook would do to its users. Rather, I just wanted to make the Movieology podcast casual and fun. And that said, people seem to enjoy the show for its content no matter what weirdness I tacked onto it.

Movieology is a show about inquisitiveness. Where discussion illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between movies, worldview, and human experience.

And since I’m ready to take Movieology to the next level, I want to know from our listeners what they want to hear from the podcast. What would you change? What films should we review? What worldview and philosophy topics would you like us to raise? I think our listeners are very smart people, like you, so now its your turn to speak up.

Let me know in a comment on this post what you would do, or message me on Twitter, or email me if that’s your style. I’m ready to take Movieology to the next level, and we—the Movieology hosts—can’t wait to make it truly unique among podcasts.

The writer strikes back (or something like that)

I’ve been compelled to write this blog since the spring of 2008. I’ve turned it inside out and upside down and reversed those steps time and again to make this site into something that I want to read. I have finally found its voice, and I’m ready to amp it up.

I’m seriously considering turning into my full-time work. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was 11. I have carefully considered what I want to write for the last 18 years, and now I’m ready to type it out at full speed. So, you won’t see this blog going anywhere, and you might just see it go from good to…something better.

In the meantime, keep enjoying this: your friendly designer and Apple enthusiast’s blog. It will continue to be a big year.

Joe Darnell

Joe is a UI and graphic designer with prior experience as the creative director for three media-based businesses. Joe’s passionate about web design and graphic design with about 15 years of experience in the media industry. Additionally, Joe is the host of the Top Brew and Techtonic podasts, both featured on iTunes.