Review of ‘Earth to Echo’

In today’s new episode of the MovieByte podcast, I discuss film news with Clark Douglas and TJ Draper. We also spent a good deal of time reviewing the sci-fi flick called Earth to Echo.

Earth to Echo is the YouTube-like documentary of Tuck, a teenage camera enthusiast. He and his two best friends, Munch and Alex, are about to relocate and part ways because of a mysterious interstate project that will tear down their town.

When their smart phones seemingly go on the fritz and display bizarre coordinates in the desert, the boys decide to spend their last night together following these mysterious directions to see if there’s a good story to be found in them. The maps on their devices lead them to the discovery of a robotic alien in need of help.

Along the way, the boys encounter difficulty from government agents that wish to exploit the alien for scientific research.

Earth to Echo was clearly made by filmmakers that adored E.T. in no subtle way. This movie echoes Spielberg’s film. Spielberg’s is clearly the better film because it is more-or-less the original and has less plot contrivances. I like that Echo is a cleaner film, but that doesn’t make up for its weak story.

The alien the boys call Echo doesn’t make sense. He reminds me of WALL•E, or what WALL•E would be like if it were possible for him to be a baby of a robot. Echo performs very dangerous spectacles without much rhyme or reason, putting people in harms way for a fleeting moment of adrenaline-inducing special effects.

Other than that, the acting is so-so, the cinematography is only okay, and the point of it all is lost. That said, TJ, Clark and I had a great time discussing it on the MovieByte podcast. The film news at the top of the show was a lot of fun to chat up as well. 


Joe Darnell

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