Today’s Movie Headlines

Today there were three notable movie stories. I continue to cover all the interesting movie news at MovieByte through the weekend for my friend, TJ Draper.

First up, Reese Witherspoon stars in a refugee drama produced by the filmmakers of The Blind Side. Though I’m not a fan of the The Blind Side, as it is borderline insincere in it’s emotionalism, I think that we may have a winner in Reese’s film. The Good Lie (Reese’s film) is based on true events—ones that I find more compelling than finding purpose in life through sports. Watch the trailer here.

Second, we learn more about Pixar’s next film release, Inside Out. It’s the story of Riley, an eleven-year-old that is moving from the Midwest to San Francisco. Through it all, she experiences a wide range of emotions that come to life in her head in the place the film calls Headquarters (Get it? because the emotions are characters inside her head, and they live in her hea—agh, whatever.)

Lastly, Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall star in The Judge, The Downey couple’s first film produced together. It’s the story of a no-good lawyer, his no-good father (the judge), and the no-good trial that convicts dad of murder. The trailer is compelling. If you’re concerned about spoilers you may not want to see the trailer, because it seems rather spoilery.

Joe Darnell

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