A La Carte (June 9)

WWDC 2014: Tim Cook’s Apple comes into its own - We’re finally starting to see Cook do this, and the results appear to be a nuanced but positive shift towards an Apple that’s a bit more open and more engaged with its customers. At the same time, the forward-looking strategies Cook is putting in place are very reminiscent of Jobs’ passion for ‘a dent in the universe’.”

Hey, Apple! Don’t forget about the Windows users - PC customers have more and more Mac envy. It’s really something special when they start asking Apple to make a complete suite of apps they can run to unify iOS apps to PC computers and tablets. Apple will never do it, and it’s ridiculous that PC users dodge the complete Apple experience from Apple’s devices yet expect an Apple experience to happen on a PC.

And That’s Just You: Chaotic Beautiful Snowflakes - Leadership doesn’t usually mean you engineer products. It usually means you serve your team, who make products. And if you think the unexpected events in your schedule weren’t enough, then what about the twists your team experiences at the office? Thought-provoking article.

Tetris Turned 30 on June 6th - Tetris was probably the fifth game I ever saw (in order: Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, Mega Man 2). I played it for hours and hours on the NES and original Game Boy.

4 Facets to America’s Jobs Recovery - I usually avoid the topics of jobs and the economy for my reading content, but every now and then it’s helpful to get an overview. This article is a good snapshot of the current market.

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