Take Playtime Beyond the iPad’s Screen

Everyone wants a cool digital interactive toy. I know that I would have given my left pinky finger for something like Osmo when I was a kid. I wasted away countless hours playing with the mouse instead… Just think about where I would be today if I had an iPad in 1993.

Osmo is an app+peripheral combo that works with the iPad. Set the iPad on the Osmo’s base station. Attach the AI mirror over the iPad’s front camera, and start one of Osmo’s interactive games. The iPad guides players through puzzles you play with physical accessories, like Tangram wooden shapes, and a pad with marker pens to make doodles that become a part of the game on the iPad’s display.

Good marketing video. I can see how this would be fun for playtime with my little ones. These games would be enjoyable for one player or multiples working as a team. There is the promise Osmo could expand the games with additional levels, make some for specific age ranges (based on difficulty), or add to the Osmo games’ collection when/if it proves to be a successful product.

Creative games like these force players to stretch their imaginations. You have to see the game from the iPad’s point of view, then give it something to work with in its line of sight. The iPad is sharing something with you, which you respond to with a creative solution, then the iPad responds to your progress adding new challenges. It’s not as good as Monument Valley, but it’s brainy for little kids. It sure beats the monotony of playing more Asphalt 80, Angry Flaps, or Veggies vs. Walking Dead.

The Osmo is available for pre-order at 50% off (until June 22nd) for $49 US during their crowd-funding campaign and will start shipping this Fall.

(Via Macstories)

Joe Darnell

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