A La Carte (May 27)

OmniFocus’ demo videos - The Omni Group knocked this app out of the park, and I must say its everything I wanted. It may not be the “perfect” task-manager, but I don’t think there is one. After watching these good videos, I’m convinced that OmniFocus comes close.

History in Color - Mesmerizing representations of old B&W photos brought to life with colorization. Hover over the photos for their captions.

Earth Is Still Scarred by World War I - Speaking of history, These are stunning photos from the Smithsonian. It’s not immediately apparent where the battlefield scars are in the landscapes, but they capture a sense of reverence for their sober history.

Aug(De)Mented Reality - YouTube creator, Hombre_McSteez, animates cartoon monsters over still photos using his iPhone 5S. The cartoons are simple teasers, yet it’s impressive what he did with his phone all the same.

The Little Camera that Could Shoot 360º - the 360cam takes smooth and extremely wide photos; is water-resistant, WI-FI enabled for live-streaming, can adapted for a light socket for home surveillance.

Joe Darnell

Joe is a UI and graphic designer with prior experience as the creative director for three media-based businesses. Joe’s passionate about web design and graphic design with about 15 years of experience in the media industry. Additionally, Joe is the host of the Top Brew and Techtonic podasts, both featured on iTunes.