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OmniFocus has an interesting pricing and upgrade model. For the uninitiated, this is a new pricing structure that I’ve found to be unique to this app. I’ve not encountered upgrades like this before, but I can see why other developers would follow Omni Group’s example.

OmniFocus 1 was usually $80 (occasionally it went on sale) and it came with all the features. The price seemed steep, even for a good task-management system, but once I used the app on my Mac I understood the pricing was legitimate. It was worth $80 and probably then some. When I purchased the separate versions of OmniFocus for iPad and iPhone that were $20 and $10, I felt that I wasn’t getting a bargain, but the pricing was a fair exchange for the goods. I was happy to give Omni Group $100 for the entire OmniFocus app collection.

Considering that OmniFocus was $80 then and it’s still $80 now, the price has gone down just because the value of the dollar has dropped with inflation. I don’t know the exact amount, but $80 today isn’t what it used to be. Still sounds pricey by apps for sell on the iOS store today, but when you consider a great number of Mac apps are still more than $40—or even $100—the full price of OmniFocus 2 is reasonable.

OmniFocus from the Mac App Store

OmniFocus comes in two flavors: OmniFocus and OmniFocus Pro. The names speak for themselves. The standard version has less features than the Pro.

OmniFocus without Pro has every feature besides customizable Perspectives. Perspectives are unique views of all your projects, contexts, and tasks. The standard version comes with some pre-configured, like views of Projects, Contexts, Flagged, and everything up for Review.

But for the customizable ones users make. For instance, you could create one to show the next available tasks you need to complete that are flagged and have a start date in the past. This would be a Perspective you built for yourself in OmniFocus Pro. They can be more sophisticated than this example, as the control settings of Perspectives offer many customizable settings. Without OmniFocus Pro, you won’t get the option to make suc Perspectives.

At the Mac App Store, there is just the standard OmniFocus for sale. Purchase it, then you can unlock OmniFocus Pro features through an in-app purchase. If you own a copy of OmniFocus 1 from the Mac App Store, then the upgrade to OmniFocus Pro is a free in-app upgrade. If not, it’s $40 for the in-app purchase. OmniFocus Pro will cost you $80 without an upgrade.

Getting the in-app purchase is really simple. Open the app and choose In-App Purchase… from the OmniFocus menu on the Menu Bar. This opens a pop up of in-app upgrades you can choose from to get the Pro version features.

Two options are presented: purchase the upgrade to go Pro for $40, or get the upgrade for free if you have a copy of OmniFocus 1 on your Mac. If you choose the free option, you’ll be prompted to find your copy of OmniFocus 1 on your Mac, so that Omni Group can verify you have the original version from the Mac App Store before they give you the upgrade free of charge.

Select OmniFocus 1 in your Applications folder, like a gentleman, and the rest will take care of itself. In a few seconds, OmniFocus updates and you get the Pro version for $40—the cost of purchasing the standard version on the Mac App Store.

OmniFocus from Omni Group’s web store

To get upgrade pricing for OmniFocus Pro or the standard version from Omni Group’s web store, you give them your license number for OmniFocus 1. OmniFocus 2 is $19.99 and OmniFocus Pro is $39.99 for upgrade. The trick here is you need your license number of your copy of OmniFocus 1. If you have lost the number, the web store will help you recover it from your registered email address.

Can’t switch at any time

Sadly, there isn’t a way that Omni Group can give customers the upgrade pricing if you want to switch from the Mac App Store to theirs, or conversely. You stay with the store that you started with, unless you want to pay the full price to make a switch of stores. I can’t imagine a sane reason why you would do this, because OmniFocus 2 is $40 and OmniFocus Pro is $80 without the upgrade.

Omni Group’s own details for pricing are available here. I recommend you read through them before you make a purchase if you have OmniFocus 1.

Although it all sounds rather complicated when reading my article here, it’s not really if you follow Omni Group’s steps. They prompt you the whole way through the steps to get the upgrade pricing. It’s relatively easy from the Mac App Store and from Omni Group’s web store.

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