A La Carte (May 20)

Burying the Bentley - Chiquinho Scarpa, the billionaire son of Count Francisco Scarpa, is as eccentric as you would like any billionaire to be. “… he marches to the beat of a very different drum.” I’ll say, like the time he used this devishly clever trick to draw the attention of the press.

Why Don’t We All have Cancer? - It’s a good question when you think about it. We know tumors have been around a long time, and genetic mutation happens all the time, and our cells are dying all the time (a few million every few seconds). We are literally covered in death, so why don’t we all get cancer?

Culture & Counter Culture Portraits - For a photography class assignment, Anna Lisa Hartlaub took self portraits in dress, makeup, and hairdo to portray the conformists and nonconformists of the last 100 years. She captured everything—even photo antiquing.

Bees Turned a House into a Hive Over 10 Years - This is the strangest thing I’ve seen from nature in awhile. I guess the likelihood that any home will turn into a hive is rather low (bummer, that would add some excitement to the dreary life of home owners…).

Twictionary - The Collins English Dictionary wants to use Twitter to identify new words taking root in the English language. Language enthusiasts can vote online for words like “adorkable,” “duckface,” and “felfie.” Felfie?

Skydog Router on Sale - This is a great router for the modern family. Besides being fast, it sports great parental controls and monitoring. Use coupon code SKYDOGBY to get it down to $99. (They’re not a sponsor, I just thought it looked good.)

Joe Darnell

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