Top Brew has Joined Night Owl FM

Top Brew was the first podcast to join the Night Owl network. TJ Draper and I started Night Owl to simplify and consolidate our podcast productions. Two years in the making, we are very happy to see our enterprise take flight. Now, we can focus more attention on creating content.

The first independent episode of Top Brew was released January 14, 2015. Episode #72 released September 12 was the first podcast released on Night Owl.

Podcasting is a tricky medium. Our goal with Top Brew has always been to share tips, tricks and great caffeinated conversation with the coffee enthusiasts community. If people liked the show and we grew, it would be awesome. And if our needs changed and we joined a network, that was cool, too.

If you happen across this post because you’re a coffee fiend interested in making a guest appearance on Top Brew, let us know. I’m scheduling two episodes monthly and we need to start a conversation a couple weeks in advance of recording. You’re welcome to share your brewing methods, favorite roaster stories, recommend a cool coffee device or maybe something else that comes to you’re interested to discuss.