Diagnostics & Usage Cover Art

Diagnostics & Usage podcast cover art

The good guys of the Diagnostics & Usage podcast on 5by5 welcomed me to redesign their cover art.

When Joe reached out to us about the possibility of him giving our cover art a re-design, we were delighted to see what he could come up with. Over the course of a few weeks, Joe worked closely with Cody and I showing us different cover art concepts. Each concept had redeeming and unique qualities, but after reviewing them thoroughly, we chose our favorite elements from each. As the final revision drew near, Joe tweaked colors and object placement upon our request and when we were shown the final product, it was clear to us that this was one of the nicest podcast cover art we’ve seen.

This was a very fun project. Tomorrow, Cody Coats is joining Techtonic as our special guest for episode #40.