Techtonic #48: Don Draper’s iPad

In a Part 2 to last week’s discussion of the iPad Pro, special guest John Livingston returns to discuss using the device for video entertainment. Joshua follows up on the Logitech Create keyboard case, explaining that it’s not working out for him as well as he’d hoped.

And in review, I talk about the newest MacBook (early 2015 12"). It’s become my primary Mac since the second week of February. While it’s obviously underpowered and lacking a number of handy ports, I’ve found that it impressively handles all of my needs. Listen to the show for details.

Joshua Peiffer, my cohost, was experiencing technical difficulties when it came time to record Thursday, so we were delayed a day.

Then, last night, I posted the show on our Squarespace site as usual. But as it turns out, I used special characters that aren’t allowed in a podcast’s upload to iTunes. I replaced last night’s copy with a new one today so that subscribers will receive the show in their podcast player of choice.

My apologies for any confusion or inconvenience this might have caused.