First Impressions of the MacBook

The way of what future, exactly?

The way of what future, exactly?

The 12” MacBook (early 2015) is the latest in Apple’s design for mobile. Wait, no, the iPad Pro is.

Okay, the second to most recent is the MacBook. It sports a lot of power in a slim body. Several professionals claim that they get work done on it. So, I took them at their word and upgraded (downgraded?) from a 15” MacBook Pro (2012).

As this newer computer exists, it’s able to handle all the power I need for graphic design, podcasting, and video editing. I’m thrilled with the efficiency and mobility of this Mac.

What’s not-so surprising is the frustration that comes with it. The peripherals — gosh, the lack of connectivity — is atrocious. One fancy USB-C port looks slick on the MacBook’s side, but it doesn’t have it where it counts.

In the picture, you’re looking at the best that I currently have to connect my external solid state drive to my computer. There’s a multi-port adapter connected to an Amazon Basics USB hub that’s then connected to my Seagate SSD.

Why the Mac won’t read the drive without the USB hub, the monkey in the middle, I don’t know. A reason hasn’t presented itself. I should be able to plug the drive into the multi-port adapter and it should work, but it doesn’t without the hub in between.

The peripheral issue aside, however, I like everything else about this device. I intend to publish a full review in the coming days.