Even RSS is Doing Better than Twitter

A quote from my Medium article:

I started a newsletter subscription, a Twitter profile, and a RSS feed for the site. They’re all very new to the world. Since I’ve not promoted them, I don’t expect any of them to show signs of huge activity just yet.

But just with the mere existence of the site’s splash page and a couple mentions I’ve made on my Twitter account, people have started subscribing to Focus Backgrounds. The newsletter subscription is about a week old and has seven legit subscribers. The Twitter profile is about a week old and has only one follower (that isn’t me). And that follower shouldn’t actually count because he’s a friend (hey, Sean!).

The RSS feed is about 16 hours old and has 16 subscribers.

All these numbers are drops in the bucket, but here’s where it gets interesting. Maybe some of the subs are bots  —  the search engine types. But for the humans finding and subscribing however they choose, they’re finding the RSS feed from one link at the bottom of the splash page. Can’t get to it anywhere else.

Bottom line, Twitter is great and I plan to use it. But Twitter and RSS and all the other mediums are just tools, and RSS is working much better at the very beginning for little apparent reason. I hope they’re not all bots reading the RSS feed…