An iPhone Smart Battery Case

We have waited years for Apple to design their very own battery case, and this is what they quietly released today.

To say that this hump case is inelegant is to put it mildly. Sure, they wanted to slim it down to its simplest essence, but this? Why not this? By this reasoning, the terraced battery in the MacBook should produce five or six lumpy steps on the underbelly of the computer. If devices expose contours of their guts, they’re doing it wrong.

If I look at what’s positive about the design, it’s that the case will fit better in your pocket than, say, this one. Mophie (autocorrect wants to change to ‘Sophie’) is known for their battery cases. They mostly satisfy customers.

Mophie Juice Pack Plus battery case

But the reason I don’t use a Mophie is that even their slim battery case is bulging with extra casing. It feels excessive in the hand and in the pocket, so I use a starkly minimalistic case instead. It’s not ‘smart’, but hey, I don’t usually run out of juice.

One bonus for Apple’s case is that you can see at a glance your iPhone’s and your case’s status from Notification Center. I guess that makes it smart.

Maybe the designers looked at all the other cases available and thought their case should look different so that it wouldn’t be confused with others. So many of the simple, sleek cases, whether they include bulky batteries or not, all look too much alike. If Apple intended a different look so that it’s easily recognizable, they succeeded.