Millennials with iOS in the Work Force

One possible future created by Apple and millennials, by Tim Bajarin:

I believe Apple’s goal with the iPad Pro is to make it the next major tool they provide to all, especially millennials, and make it the logical device they take with them when they join the workforce. An iPad Pro with a keyboard and iOS will handle the majority of what they need in their job. And, thanks to Microsoft, even Office on iOS and hundreds of other business class apps are being created for iOS each month. Even if they bring their Macs with them, Apple’s continuum strategy makes it easy to go between a Mac and an iPad Pro and work seamlessly on either without skipping a beat. It is not a coincidence that IBM has ported over 100 of their enterprise-class mobile management and security tools to iOS. With the iPad Pro, Apple is poised to bring the Apple ecosystem to the business market in a dramatic way and it will be the millennials who drive it into mainstream businesses over the next 5 years.

It’s an interesting notion. Are most young people today attracted to PCs? Doesn’t look like it. We’ve already seen a number of people that are between 20 – 30 on the work force using iPhones but also iPads and Macs. They’re leading the way for the younger generation that’s even more likely to use iOS.