The Apple TV’s Loooong Home Screen

iPhones and iPads limit the number of apps that can share a single home screen comfortably. The iPhone 6 Plus has space for 28 apps, whereas the iPhone 5S is limited to 24. The iPads, even the large iPad Pro, hold no more than 26. The Mac’s Launchpad (which I don’t use) holds 35.

But the Apple TV’s home screen is one home screen for all its apps. It already holds 50 plus network apps and will soon hold more. When they introduce the ATV App Store and people install games and the like, the number will skyrocket.

This is one major reason that Siri as a navigational assistant is incredibly important. If the search feature works as well as we can hope, then you should be able to find content and games without scrolling the home screen at all, assuming you can remember the name of the app you want to open.