The Large iPad Family

The introduction to the iPad Pro

Apple’s introduced the iPad Pro that will tempt many customers away from simple MacBooks. The price points, accessories, and features of this new class of pad technology will set the pace for computers to come, and people know it. For now, the iPad Pro feels sexy.

But I sense something awkward will develop over the next year. Some indecisive customers will be overwhelmed by the number of iPads they have to choose from. There’s the affordable iPad Mini 2 (practically a kids toy) on the one end of the spectrum, all the way up to the elite iPad Pro (for doctors and artists). And we haven’t mentioned the the two flavors the Air comes in. There are numerous CPU speeds to think about—if you dare to dive in that deep—and whether you want something small and slow or huge and fast.

I think the smaller the iPad the lighter the use case should be. Think of the iPad Mini as your casual iPad. It’s the one that you would share with your significant other or a responsible teenager. Use it for simple email triage and web browsing. You would be forgiving if the iPad Mini seemed slow, because it will at times, but speed isn’t why you like your iPad Mini. You like it for it’s ease of use.

Now, think of the iPad Airs as the mainstream iPads. They can get work done and perform mostly well for entertainment. They’re not so small you’re squinting and they’re fast enough that you won’t notice their occasional sluggishness. After all, you only use it a couple times a day at most. Most of the time you’re using your iPhone, right?

The iPad Pro makes more sense now. It’s the almost Mac-like power user tool. It handles lots of data and detail with precision. It’s for the people that will spend hours every day on an iPad checking off their to-dos. You would like an experience with an iPad plus a full-sized keyboard cover you can tear off. You’re not annoyed too much by its weight. You enjoy every minute you see pictures and sophisticated graphics on your iPad Pro. You’re convinced you need this device for work and life.

Now all you need to do is settle on the storage capacity, Wi-Fi or cellular, and the aluminum body color. Sigh