MovieByte #150: ‘They’re Woody and Buzz’

Three years ago last Wednesday, TJ and I released episode one of the MovieByte podcast. Today, we wrapped it up because we want to prepare for something new and a little different.

TJ’s description of the last show:

Join TJ, Joe, and Chad for the last episode of the show to discuss ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E. That is of course after reminiscing about the fun times had over the last few years of working on the show. The guys discuss their favorite episodes and movie reviews, they talk about the upcoming reboot of the show, and then they get to film news such as the ‘Star Wars’ super cut, the Honest Trailer for ‘Mad Max’, the Harry Potter fan theory, Dumbledore as Death, and ‘Jurassic World’ in 90 seconds as told by Legos.

MovieByte released 150 episodes and only missed the regularly scheduled weekly release two or three times. Somehow, we managed to review more than 150 new and classic movies in three years.

I felt out of my element taking the time to form closer around this episode. Tragically, just this past Monday, a very good friend of mine was killed in a car accident. I’ve been very distracted and I don’t think this is my best contribution to MovieByte. But I’m very happy that we recorded it when we did as it was a much needed distraction for a few hours.

I have plans to start afresh with a new movie podcast this fall, and make other announcements. Stay tuned.