New Retina 5K Backgrounds

Retina 5K 27" iMac

Background wallpapers are one of my small seemingly insignificant creative outlets, but the Focus Collections have resonated with people. I love to hear from people on Twitter and by email how much they like them. Thank you all!

And because we all appreciate the best image resolution for our backgrounds on every device, I’ve gone to great lengths to create wallpapers that match every size of desktop and mobile display. The Focus Backgrounds have come in 15 sizes: each one tailored for it’s resolution’s needs. That might sound silly (“Joe, why can’t you just design one really large image and then resize it fifteen different ways? Or let us resize it for ourselves?”) but after countless days of trial and error in Photoshop, I’m convinced that making each image custom a specific resolution produces the only satisfying results.

Today, I’m introducing one more size for one very futuristic computer: the 5120x2880 resolution for the Retina 5K 27" iMac.

Designing these images at this scale is easy but as time-consuming as the rest. In the end, people with the high definition iMac will be pleased. There aren’t many good background pictures that are designed with this iMac’s display in mind.

Here’s Where you’ll find the Retina 5K Background Pictures.

Here’s Where you’ll find the Retina 5K Background Pictures.

To get to the wallpapers at the new resolution, go to any one of the backgrounds pages and select it from the links.

If you want a whole Collection then you can do that with one click.

If you want a whole Collection then you can do that with one click.

Or if you want a complete set of one of the Focus Collections, you can download them on these pages:

Focus Collection IV is nearly complete. I think it just happens to be the best one I’ve designed. It pays respect to one of my background wallpaper inspirations: the work of Fifty Foot Shadows. John Carey is an excellent photographer, and his photos have been on my desktop many times. If you’re interested in something a little different from Focus Backgrounds that’s still in good taste, then you will not be disappointed with John’s variety.

After Focus Collection IV, I’ll have something else very special for the fans in the fall. I think you’re going to love it.