Please Review Lore

I’m a podcaster and the “creative type” that’s tried a doesn’t different types of shows. I know for fact that podcasts like Lore take a lot out of you, just accounting for the research and writing alone. Aaron has to work long and hard to make such high production values, which is something you can’t say for many podcasts.

Not only are the production values good, the podcast is consistent. Aaron tells stories that one way or another become interesting. Whether I am in the mood to hear his stories or not, when I hit play and let Aaron speak freely, I’m always rewarded.

If you don’t like the show, so sorry! It must hurt to be you.

Check out his podcast, and if you already did that, then be sure to rate and review Lore today, as it makes a good impact on Lore’s exposure to be rated the same day new episodes are released.