Using ‘Other’ for Rollerblade Exercise

Yesterday I had the pleasure of discussing the WWDC keynote and Apple Watch with Rob McGinley Myers and Joshua on the TechTonic podcast. Rob has been a busy podcaster, now underway with season two of Anxious Machine. I love his storytelling and I think you will too.

Our main talking points concerning WWDC and Apple Watch:

  • Although we felt the Music segment of the keynote was not Apple’s best shining moment, and the whole presentation was lengthier than we’d prefer, the material Apple introduced was incredible. We’re especially interested in the future of iOS on the iPad and native third party watchOS apps.
  • The new Notes and News apps for OS X and iOS are promising, perhaps even enough to entice RSS readers and avid notetakers away from their current systems. We’d all like to know more about News, how we can publish with it, how ad support will be processed…
  • While we felt that the delivery of Music on stage didn’t do it justice, the service is the evolution of iTunes and we’re happily watching where it’s heading. We are Spotify and Rdio customers that are more than willing to give Apple Music a try next month.
  • Rob and I both love our Watch. The materials and body are cool. The apps show promise, but third party apps are sluggish. The best use of the Watch at this time is for utility: time tracking, timers, stopwatches, calendaring, etc.
  • The bonus factor of the Watch is the focus restored in our every lives. We spend less time checking our pocket watch (iPhone) and more time living in the moment and being productive. A tap on the wrist is all it takes. We don’t have sounds from our Phones coming between us and the people around us…
  • We both would like some assurance that fitness tracking is accurate on the Watch, or will be more controllable in the near future. The category ‘Other’ in the fitness app covers a lot of categories — from Rob’s rollerblading to my free weight and isometric workouts.

Sadly, Joshua doesn’t have an Apple Watch. He came this close to buying one, then decided to wait and see what the product has in store in watchOS 2 and the second generation of hardware.

Listen to TechTonic, Episode 10.1: “Using ‘Other’ for Rollerblade Exercise” at, iTunes, or your preferred podcast app.