MB 140: ‘Everything is Complete. We Can Die Now.’

This week in movie podcasts, TJ and I discussed Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur trailer, why you should sign the petition to urge Disney to produce ‘Tron 3’, and early casting of J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts.

In review, we braved Jurassic Park (1993) since, well, Jurassic World will release June 12! Oddly enough, we have not previously reviewed Jurassic Park. Even stranger, TJ had not previously seen this film!


  • Steven Spielberg’s direction holds up as the film has a timelessness to it that blends older and newer movie storytelling techniques.
  • The CGI dinosaurs mostly impress us, the animatronics more so, even when they enter uncanny valley.
  • John Williams’ original motion picture soundtrack is one of the more iconic of his career and of the 1990s as a whole. The music theme is easily recognizable, and one great reason that Mr. Williams deserves all the praise he’s earned.

I don’t want to give it all away. Listen to the show, and get ready for Jurassic World if monster movies are your thing. Take a listen at MovieByte.com, or download/subscribe on iTunes.