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The Liberty Blend coffee bags, by Thrasher Coffee Co.

Coffee Product Packaging

Everything from the company logo to the back label to the 'freshly roasted' date stamp.


Thrasher Coffee Company's bird logo, and brand identity colors

Thrasher Coffee Brand & Site

I led the project from start to completion. 52 pages of content and designs for launch day, plus social networking graphics.


Liberty Roasting marketing artwork: 'Give me Liberty Roasting Or Give Me Death' doodle

Promotional Art

For a postcard with orders of the Liberty Roasting Company, later renamed Thrasher Coffee. Co.


365 Movie Guy
Joe Darnell site
Movieology site
Top Brew site

Website design

My specialty is user interface design, but I have 10+ years experience designing sites from all angles.



Custom E-newsletters

This is a screenshot of an e-mail newsletter design I made a few years ago for MovieByte. There are others for sites that I had a hand in between 2012 and 2013.

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The concept art for the Gunpowder Blend under the company name Liberty Roasting

The Gunpowder Blend

Early concept design for the Liberty Roasting Company, which later became Thrasher Coffee Co.




Sometimes the lighting just doesn’t cut it. I photoshop to enhance photos like this all week long.



Viewty Brand, Site, & Content

Content management, graphic design, and research for the media startup from 2013-2014. 


Patriot Outdoor News logo

Branding & Logo Designs

I have crafted logos for a wide array of companies. My client base has largely been conservative-minded media outlets, but I’m open to working with businesses in other fields, such as music artists and coffee roasters.




Book Cover Design

Authors and publishers ask for a design, I usually deliver a dozen concept treatments, then they give me feedback and we finalize one together.



Bible app design for the iPad (2012)

App UI Design and Demos

I created the UI design for a Bible app in 2012. The project is still under development by the publisher.



T-shirt Artwork

I’ve made a few graphic tees in my day. All of them were commissioned and have patriotic themes. (I’m not especially politically-focused, so I would like to say here that the themes of the products do not necessarily reflect my personal values.)