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Why Me?

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1. Design that Resonates

I’ll work with you to make your brand, website and presentation extraordinary. User friendly and expressive messaging are my top priorities while honing mockups and style guides that lead to satisfying solutions.

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2. Focused creation and delivery

I relish the productivity skills that many creative types neglect. I build solutions that satisfy and meet goals because I want to design the Internet that I want to use in a timely manner — before I’m dead.

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3. Well, I’m selfish

Design is a part of my life. I want to refine business platforms and tools that improve other people’s lives. By making your stories and experiences better, I’ll amplify the quality of my life and millions of others!


6 Reasons to Pick Me


1. You need a T-shaped designer. I’ve worked in user experience, graphic design, branding, e-commerce, web interfaces, video editing, audio productions and print materials. With all this as my collective reference, I have a wide range of experience to build upon. Innovation happens inside and outside the box.

2. I color outside the lines. If I learned anything from education, it’s that you are your best teacher. I became director of the audio/video department at 22 and creative director at 28 not because I’m a natural, but because I didn’t wait for someone to give me permission. When I saw opportunities I applied myself. If I didn’t know how to create something, I found the answers, because there’s always something new that’s important to utilize.

3. This isn’t any job to me. Before web design there was nothing else that I wanted to do. I’ve left companies that didn’t invest in user experience or quality content. I’m ready to pour my heart and soul into a company that goes the extra mile, that realizes high quality design sets them apart from typical (read: mediocre) business as usual. Craftsmanship is everything.

4. Real craftsman ship. Artistic types daydream for too long, and others spend years consuming design blogs or tossing around ideas in meetings that they leave undone. I have a process: define the goals and content for the company, then make a satisfying solution with an ambitious team. I cut out the daydreams and deliver on time.

5. It’s about quantity and quality. I’ve come to grips with the fact that people don’t remember design until it transcends ‘average’. Quality trumps quantity, and great designers accept that it’s their job to cultivate results through world-class experiences. But the key is to steadily increase attention to quantity so that there’s more of your quality to value.

6. Design is a part of my DNA. I was making logos, websites and bi-folds at twelve years of age because I simply love design. And now, I’m excited and honored to be a part of the one percent of people that puts world-class user experience ahead of my personal taste.



Design Consultant

May 2014-Present

#Consultant #VideoProducer #GraphicDesigner

What I have done

Collaborating with teams for start-ups and well-established corporations, I have delivered projects ranging from web designs for user interfaces to video marketing content for Fortune 500 companies.

What have I learned

Design isn’t about technology, it’s about people. Whatever you dream up for a phone, desktop, or some other device in between, there’s going to be a human being on the other end of your platform with a personal experience.

Creative Director

Romulus Marketing, LLC

July 2012 - May 2014

#TeamLead #SeniorDesigner #Collaboration

What I did

Coordinated the design of conceptual art, product artwork and email marketing materials for multiple divisions’ projects. Often I would design brands, style guides and user interfaces for various news sites and e-commerce stores.

What I learned

Talk is cheap, but designers that take initiative are valuable. Create a prototype, share it boldly with your peers, and change starts to take shape for a dynamic team when they’re equipped to accomplish projects that resonate with users.

Director of Audio & Video

The American Vision, Inc.

January 2007 - July 2012

#GraphicDesigner #VideoProduction #Communications

What I did

With various teams, I produced, directed, and edited multiple web-based video programs, radio broadcasts and podcasts; wrote and hosted 70+ episodes of a web-based entertainment show; designed brand artwork, motion graphics, websites, and print materials.

What I learned

Follow the example of inspiring mentors, some you have a relationship with and others you admire from a distance. Adopt best practices that they share, and hone your design craft to add value to your proactive service.

Graphic Designer

Valor Visual Media, Inc.

August 2000 - December 2006

#ProjectManager #GraphicArtist #VideoEditor

What I did

Founded the family business with my brother; created websites for state legislators, edited concert and wedding productions, designed motion graphics and product materials, and mentored interns in graphic design and video editing.

What I learned

People don’t usually know what they want till they see it. Also, you’re only as good as your team’s leadership, and your new recruits are only as good as you free them up to take ownership of projects and tasks.


Okay, now you know me and my potential. Please introduce yourself.

Let’s design for success. Together.