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Hi, I am Joe Darnell. After working in video production, then publishing, I realized I really should focus on graphic design and corporate identity. I contribute to the branding and marketing projects for a startup incubator in metro Atlanta.

This Site

This site is for perfectionistic designers, productivity geeks, technology pros, content creators, and you.

This site actually started in 2008, evolving from a personal blog into more interesting content; containing articles, reviews, tutorials, and links about appreciating quality, living more efficiently, and leading a simpler, more efficient life.

It has been a long road to this iteration of my site, and one worth traveling. The site was once called Jiving Jackalope, which has been put on the back burner for the time being.

JoeDarnell.com is published on Squarespace, my prefered blogging platform.


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Thrasher Coffee Co.

I have designed most everything for the craft roast coffee company, Thrasher; leading the direction on business identity and marketing. my work is the site, packaging, branding, et cetera.

Thrasher specializes in freshly roasted coffee subscriptions through the 2% Club. This craft-roast centric service takes all the effort out of finding good beans, regularly ordering them, and getting them in a timely fashion. Thrasher sends you fresh coffee right when you are ready for more. If you want a fresh supply, Thrasher will have you taken care of with little effort for your part.


A podcast I co-host and created with TJ Draper: discussing movie news and reviews of current and timeless films. We have 90+ epsiodes in the archive, have featured special guests like Dan Benjamin of the 5by5 podcast network and Clark Douglas of WHIE Radio. We get geeky and discuss movies like there is no tomorrow. Subscribe »


Eric Rauch, Michael Minkoff and I discuss the inner depths of movies—their philosophical and cultural relevance. If you are thoughtful about movies and want more than the fluffy likes and dislikes, this is your show. Subscribe »

Although episodes are infrequently published, when they are made available they are some of the most thought-provoking discussions of all movie-related talk shows.

Tool Set

My primary tool is a gorgeous MacBook Pro with 15" Retina display (circa late 2012) and an iPhone 5 in black with 16 GB. Then there is an iPad Air in Space Gray (ooo lala) with 16 GB I mostly use for reading and gaming. I also carry a pocket knife and cool glasses. For external storage, I have a WD My Passport Air (what a name…).


I use a collection of iOS and Mac apps to better my writing. Some of my favorites are Byword, MindNode, Simplenote, Evernote, Scrivener, and Day One. Someone famous once said, “With great apps comes great responsibility.” It’s my aim to endlessly explore and improve my workflows and craftsmanship.